What Shampoo and Conditioner should I use!?

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What Shampoo and Conditioner should I use!?


With our colour sale in full swing, we’re turning out lots of beautiful shades and tones. But with great colour comes great responsibility. It’s important that you are on top of your home care which usually starts with your shampoo and conditioner. This Post is designed to give you an overview of product formulations and help you make better choices when caring for your hair and colour.

There was a time when I, myself even questioned the price of Salon Professional shampoos and conditioners. It was also interesting to watch the horrified reaction of some clients when you would tell them how much the sweet smelling shampoo and conditioner we had just used in the wash house would cost them to take home.

When you can buy a seemingly similar selection of products from the chemist, supermarket or bargain shops, it can feel hard to justify. So why are salon shampoos so much more expensive, and are they worth it?

Are Salon Products Better For Your Hair?

The simple truth is that salon shampoos and conditioners aren’t just better because of the higher quality ingredients they contain, they’re also better because of the ingredients they don’t contain. I’m talking about the bad ingredients that, yes, may make your hair appear happy and shiny at first, but in the long term have disastrous effects on your hair. The main ones are Silicones, Parabens and Sodium Chloride.

Unfortunately a lot of the shampoos are riddled in these ingredients. Salon Professional shampoos are made with very little or none of these, and a bigger proportion of high quality ingredients that support hair health and styling

Why Are Silicones Bad For Your Hair?

Silicones are man made ingredients that coat the hair by forming a thin waterproof plastic layer. This layer is to lock moisture inside and stop water from penetrating the hair cuticle, preventing frizz. However, the negatives are far worse than the positives.

For some silicones can control frizz, lock in moisture and offer temporary shine. However, the waterproof layer that silicone creates on the hair also keeps any other nourishing ingredients including natural oils locked out, unable to reach the hair follicle.

With repeated use over time, a thick silicone layer builds up, which is hard to remove and leads to brittle, dull, and dry hair. This can then be worsened with the addition of

heat styling. You’re not only straightening or waving your hair with 200 degree heat, you’re also heating up the layer of silicone/plastic that has built up on your hair, making it very prone to breakage.

Many cheaper, household shampoos and conditioners still contain silicones, which is why your hair tends to feel really silky and shiny at first, but becomes lifeless later. When it comes to spotting silicones in conditioner it can be tricky. They are often listed by their chemical ingredients names and most commonly include dimethicone.

Why Are Parabens Bad For Your Hair?

Parabens are chemicals that have been used in shampoo and conditioners since the 50s to preserve products like shampoo, lotions and deodorants, by preventing bacteria growth. Studies have found that parabens are easily absorbed into the skin and can be very harmful to the scalp.

Where silicones are not technically harmful to your health, parabens can cause allergic reactions and irritate any existing skin conditions. So this isn’t just about your hair but your physical health too.

Fortunately parabens are less commonly used in hair and body products now, but they can still be found in some cheaper, lower quality products in order to increase the longevity and shelf life.

Why Is Sodium Chloride Bad For Your Hair?

Sodium chloride is the fancy name for table salt. Often used as a thickening agent in hair products, it can also make a sensitive scalp incredibly dry and itchy. Worse case scenario it could ultimately result in hair loss. As a top ingredient found in many commercial brand shampoos and other hair products, sodium chloride can rapidly fade coloured hair.

Does That Mean All cheaper, commercial shampoos are bad?

When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, you literally get what you pay for. If you’re buying a £2 shampoo then it’s likely that the ingredients are not going to be of high quality or high concentration.

Though your hair may be fine in the short term, it’s the long term damage that cheaper products lead to that is the problem. A few brands have become wise to harmful ingredients and reduced/completely scrapped them in their products. Our advice would be to check the ingredient lists of your shampoos for silicones and parabens before you buy.

We totally understand that not everyone can afford to buy salon professional products, they have got a much higher price tag than products you can find in your local or highstreet shops.

But for the higher price, you’re paying for higher quality ingredients and a higher concentration. This means you need to use far less product to achieve even better results. So you’ll be purchasing your salon shampoo much less often throughout the year. We’ve even found some of our clients have saved money throughout the year with salon shampoo.

How Do I Know Which Shampoo Is Right For Me?

We always recommend talking to your stylist about which shampoo would fit your hair type. The great thing about salon professional formulas is that they recognise different hair types, symptoms and provide different formulas to address and care for them. Whether your hair is flat, fine, thinning, curly, coloured, greasy, dry or you have an irritated scalp – there are specialty products to meet everyone’s needs.

Shampoo and conditioner Recommendations:

As a salon we only work exclusively with Paul Mitchell and Olaplex. These brands are high quality, cruelty free formulas. Some of our best selling products in our salon include:

  • ●  PM Clean Beauty Anti Frizz – For manageability and frizz control
  • ●  Olaplex 4P Shampoo – For bringing damaged, brassy blondes back to life
  • ●  PM Colour Protect Shampoo – For protecting your salon colour
  • ●  PM Shampoo 2 – Removes product build up including chlorine
  • ●  PM Superstrong Conditioner – For rebuilding and protecting
  • ●  PM Instant Moisture Conditioner – For reviving, strengthening and moisturising
  • ●  PM Lavender and Mint COWASH – A game changing cleanse for textured and curlyhair. It’s unique as it doesn’t lather, while being gentle on the hair and scalp. It refreshes moisturises and smells devine. It’s a Personal favourite.

All of these shampoos and more are available in Salon to buy. Reach out or stop by one of our salons to speak to myself or another member of the team to get yours and level up your hair care regimen. If you have any other questions regarding this post or something else hair related you can call the salon or connect via the socials.

Peace, Love and Ponytails!

Louis Driver – Head Creative XOX


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