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At Meraki, client care means everything to us and it’s much more then providing a 5-Star service.

We appreciate that a bit of time to pamper yourself is just one way to recharge and so important – you can’t pour from an empty cup!

We want the experience with us to allow you to relax, unwind and have a bit of time for you in our safe and comfortable environment. Appreciating that life can be challenging at times we have qualified our whole team in Mental Health First Aid so we can be that supportive listening ear when needed.

This qualification educates the team in being able spot the physical and behavioural signs that someone may be struggling and teaches them how to explore the thoughts and emotions by being a attentive, non judgmental listener.

We have a passion for mental health and wellbeing and want people to know that self care is not selfish.

It’s important to take time for you!


Blue Monday

With Blue Monday fast approaching its wise to brace ourselves for what’s in store on statistically the most depressing day on the calendar year, January 17th.

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