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Celebs look polished 24/7 with beautiful, bouncy hair that some of us can only dream of. But, are they using tape extensions for their locks?

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Many celebs look polished 24/7 with beautiful, bouncy, long thick hair that some of us can only dream of. Although they look like they are naturally gifted with gorgeous flowing locks, are they really? Kim Kardashian yo-yo’s from long to short back to long like the wind changes direction and it’s all down to the wonderful world of hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions are a great way of adding length and/or thickness.


Initial application of tape-in hair extensions takes between 30-60mins. Super quick compared to other systems! A thin section of your own natural hair is sandwiched between two tapes, securing it in place. If looked after correctly this method could last between 6-8weeks.

Re-taping takes a little longer around 60-90mins. The tapes are sprayed with a remover that unsticks the bond. The extensions are removed, the hair is shampooed to remove any residue then blow dried ready for reapplication after the extensions have been re-taped.


If you are worried about damages caused by extensions then tapes are definitely the best option. Because tape-in hair extensions are applied to slices of hair and the extensions themselves are lightweight, this means no tension to cause damage to your natural hair.


The tapes are made with 100% natural hair, we can colour match most colours and because the tapes come in pieces, it’s easier to place where needed. They come in packs so we have the option of adding more of less hair for your requirements.


The tapes can be blow dried, straightened and curled as you would normally. They are also great when worn up.

We recommend not using heat over 180 degrees and it’s important to use the correct hair brush, shampoo, conditioner and treatments advised by the stylist to keep your new hair at its best.


Hair extension prices really depends on the length/ thickness and which brand of hair we use. We recommend to book in for a consultation so we can discuss the options and see what we need to order. We can then give a price for the hair. Fitting costs are charged at £50ph.

As long as the correct aftercare is used and maintenance is done regularly the hair should last around 9-12months.

If you would like to book in for a consultation for tape hair extensions please contact us using the link on the website, or call us on 01162 702888.

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