Salon Shampoo – Worth It?

It’s proven that supermarket bought shampoo and conditioners have excess water, sulphates, and fillers plus fewer vitamins, oils and minerals that are designed to keep your hair healthy.

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It’s proven that supermarket bought shampoo and conditioners have excess water, sulphates, and fillers plus fewer vitamins, oils and minerals that are designed to keep your hair healthy. The key difference between professional salon shampoo and supermarket shampoo is- the amount of quality ingredients within and their concentration levels.

Super market shampoos and conditioners generally have a high detergent base, so they over compensate for this by ramping up the conditioning agents to provide a softer feel to the hair. This causes the hair stress and can leave a build-up of residue in the hair which leads to hair feeling lank and greasy. Not nice! Generally, they don’t really do a lot in the way of repairing the hair and they certainly cannot mend split ends.

Professional salon shampoo and conditioners are packed with all the right quality ingredients to do exactly what they are designed for. They penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair to rebuild the internal structure, deliver protein and lock in moisture, keep vibrancy of coloured hair and provide UV protection against harmful damage and environmental stress which can lead to colour fading. As well as adding shine, smoothing and encouraging natural curl… all without the heavy build-up of counter-productive ingredients.

Each different salon shampoo and conditioner type are specifically designed for individual needs; be it blondes, coloured hair, bright and vibrant, dry and damaged, thick and frizzy, fine and flat, curly, or straight. There’s no ‘one size lathers all’!



When it comes to colour, salon shampoo will give you a guarantee of vibrancy for 2 weeks if you are using the correct aftercare at home. As we use Paul Mitchell colour we always recommend Paul Mitchell aftercare for the best results when it comes to fading. Here are our recommendations:



We recommend:

  • Paul Mitchel Colour protect shampoo and conditioner
  • EVO Fabuloso chestnut toning conditioner to add some warmth and to top up the colour in-between appointments.


Reds, coppers, auburns, oranges, any colour with a brilliant vibrant tone.

We recommend:

  • Paul Mitchel Ultimate Colour Repair for 9 weeks of vibrancy, up to 57% more shine and UV protection against the sun and environment


Most blondes have some form of lightener used which unfortunately can lead to dry brittle hair if not done correctly. Although we have Olaplex for all our sins now (we’ll save that for another post!) blondes generally need some extra loving.

We recommend:

  • Forever blonde shampoo and conditioner.
  • Add Dramatic repair treatment for the more processed/dry locks.
  • Or super strong daily shampoo and conditioner for added protein and strengthening.
  • Add super strong treatment once a week for more processed/dry locks.
  • For the icy/cool/platinum blondes: Paul Mitchell platinum blonde & EVO Fabuloso platinum toning conditioner. These are great for keeping away the yellow tones and creating a perfect silvery shine.

Cheaper supermarket blue/purple shampoos pack the hair with pigment and dry it out, leading to breakage and straw-like texture … your hair deserves the best, always go for quality!


We believe it’s best to find the right products to accentuate your hairs natural beauty and style, especially when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. Once you understand your hair type and what it needs to thrive, you can choose the right hair care to ensure it is tame, healthy and easy to style. Here are our recommendations:


We recommend:

  • Paul Mitchel Instant Moisture daily shampoo and Instant Moisture daily treatment, this duo will cleanse and hydrate thirsty hair, it also plumps up skinny strands and helps repair damage.
  • Paul Mitchel Super-Charged Moisturiser is our intense hydrating treatment which we offer in salon or you can take home to use every couple of days for the best results.


We recommend:

  • Super skinny daily shampoo. The colour safe formula cleanses and smooths hair while helping to repair and prevent damage
  • Smooths and softens strands while helping to repair the hair. Heat activated conditioners and thermal protectants help repair hair and prevent surface damage.


We recommend:

  • Paul Mitchel Spring-Loaded Frizz Fighting Shampoo and Spring-Loaded conditioner. This lather rich duo gently cleanses curls without roughing the cuticle to fight frizz from the start.
  • Paul Mitchel Full Circle leave-in treatment which is a light weight conditioning treatment which hydrates, detangles, tames frizz and wont weigh your hair down.


This is me! And I know all too well the feeling of wanting to wash your hair everyday to get it looking it best and stop it from hanging flat to the scalp!

Shampoo we recommend:

  • Extra body daily shampoo. Gently cleanses and volumizes fine to medium hair, helps repair worn-down locks, boosts body and maximises shine
  • Extra body daily rinse. It detangles and adds volume to fine hair, leaving locks full of bounce body and shine. It also helps repair caused by blow-drying and styling.

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