Balayage – Our most asked questions!

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Balayage – our most asked questions!


What is Balayage?

What is Face Framing with colour? Face framing is adding lightness around the face, generally higher up and closer to the root. It goes
really well with a Balayage. Its a great way to add lightness around the face while keeping the rest of the hair dimensional and low maintenance.


What’s the difference between a Balayage and Ombre?

Ombre is a block colour at the bottom of the hair in a horizontal placement. Balayage is a blended technique creating dimension tonal hair overall and emulates the hair that would naturally be lightened by the sun.


What’s the difference between Balayage and highlights?

Highlights are traditionally weaved in small sections and painted from root to tip after being placed in a foil or paper. It gives a lighter, brighter appearance and the upkeep is more often.


What is a backwards Balayage?

This is a new trend and is a seamless way to go deeper with colour. A reverse Balayage reintroduces and adds depth at the root and softens old lighter colour through the ends. Its a great way for blondes to try the Balayage look without too much commitment. Its also a great way to blend out old highlights.


Why do I need a consultation?

We will always ask you to come in for a consultation before we book or confirm your appointment. We will assess your current hair condition and its colouring history, you will also need a skin test and a strand test. Skin tests are to be done a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment. Its important for us to see your hair to establish if the look you are after is achievable. If it is, what services we need to do to achieve it.

Sometimes roots are required, additional toning services, root tap/drags are needed, all of which take extra time and are additional services. If you have seen an image of a colour you like, bring it in when you visit us for a consultation. Previously coloured hair is difficult to lift. Especially if it’s been home dyed or is red/very dark. Managing expectations and the reality of the end result is our top priority along with the condition of your hair.


How long does it last?

The beauty of Balayage is that its super low maintenance. Keeping the root area natural and seamlessly blending the colour will allow for soft regrowth, allowing you to have gorgeous hair for longer between salon visits. If the root area is coloured darker than your natural hair you will need to upkeep the roots every 6-8 weeks. Toners are recommended every 4-6 weeks as they do wash out gradually.


Why is my toner fading fast?

The majority of the time this is down to incorrect aftercare. We always recommend using Paul Mitchell or Olaplex colour safe shampoo and conditioner along with weekly treatments to keep your colour at its best. Failing to use salon brand shampoos will strip your hair of the colour as the ingredients are of low quality and full of damaging chemicals that are not only bad for your hair but also the environment. They often contain low grade sulphates that can lead to damage to the hair follicle, weakening of the hair structure and can even stunt hair growth. Silicones found in cheap shampoo can, at first, make your hair appear super shiny but silicone is actually really bad for your hair.

It will make it look dull and lifeless over time and it builds up. If silicone builds up you can have a reaction to the bleaching process and cause excess damage. If you have been using these shampoos and conditioners prior to your appointment we recommend popping in to purchase Paul Mitchell shampoo 2 to deeply clarify your hair for a few washes prior to your visit.


Why spend all that money on your hair then wash it with cheap shampoo?

If you do invest in the correct aftercare at the time of your appointment and have a problem with your colour we will absolutely guarantee it for the first 2 weeks.


Will it damage my hair?

We only use high quality products and always recommend Olaplex as an addition to any bleaching service. It costs £12 and will protect your hair from any damage that would normally occur during a chemical process. Think of it as insurance for your hair. Olaplex is the only bond builder that actually works and is patented numerous times, we swear by it. Using this, along with the correct aftercare, will ensure your hair is in the best possible condition. Please also take into account our previous answer regarding shampoos and conditioners that have silicones. Get your inspo sorted. Bring images of colours you love with you to yBalayageour consultation.


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