Rose Gold Hair

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Rose gold hair is here to stay, a top trend for 2019 and the perfect tone for autumn. Kylie Jenner, Sienna Miller, Lady Gaga and Eve have all sported it. Iskra Laurence looked stunning at the Canes Film Festival and more and more people are opting for the beautiful pink hues of rose gold hair.

But why?

Pink hair has been a favourite since Scarlett Johansson wore that bright pink wig to karaoke in Lost in Translation back in 2003. People have worn version to hen dos and festivals ever since. Pink hair is fun, free and feels just a little bit rebellious. The new rose gold hair colour is the grown-up sophisticated version of that famous pink wig.

What Colour Should You Go For?

From ombre fades to rose highlights there’s so many ways to wear this wonderful trend. Not quite pink and not quite blonde it is the perfect way to add some sophisticated fun to your style.  

Warm skin tones will suit a rose gold colour perfectly, meaning warm and olive skin tones would be the best match. whereas a paler skin tone would look fabulous with a brighter shade of pink. A neutral skin tone is can suit both. Chat with your stylist, who can advise you what colour will suit you best.

How Can We Help At Meraki?

We will discuss your ideas and help you find the perfect colour. There is nothing more lovely than making our customers hair the perfect shade for them.

We love pink hair here at Meraki! Pink, coral, rose gold you name it we have done it. take a look at some of the beautiful colours we have created.

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How beaut is this colour 😍

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How To Care For Rose Gold Hair

We know any chemical process can damage the hair, so looking after it and giving it some TLC is essential to that healthy shine. There are many things you can do to repair the damage chemical processes can cause. Masks, intensive treatments and using products like Marula oil. We also love to help prevent the damage as well as repair it. We can use Olaplex with your colour process to help prevent damage. Read all about how wonderful Olaplex is in our other post here… Olaplex – Prevent Damage, Repair Hair

How To Style Rose Gold Hair

We think waves look amazing, each change in direction highlighting the colour and shine of the hair. A curl or messy, I just got up like this look, will also show the colour off perfectly but however you style it you know it will look good, how could it not!

Rose Gold Hair Style
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Who’s rose gold hair style do we love? we couldn’t possibly choose, we love them all!

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